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Jerome Demonte


Jerome is a talent unlike others who share all of his knowledge and ideas. He is a one of kind mind and you would love to be in the presence of this smart, witty, and all around talented man. His work speaks for itself. Whether it’s every day hair styling, avant garde pieces, party gowns, or one of kind sexy dresses, he has the picture of the total look.


Jerome knew that the talent was in his hands from the moment he turned thirteen years of age. Born and raised in Mississippi, his talents were molded by trial and error. He worked on anybody one who would let him. His skills with hair got better with age. By the time he was ready for cosmetology school he already knew everything from A to Z. Jerome attended Coahoma Community College in Clarksdale, Mississippi. He received a State license and associates degree in child care education. He later went on to attend Jackson State University to receive a bachelor degree in applied science. While in college he supported himself by working in a well known hair salon in Jackson, Mississippi.


Jerome moved from Jackson to Atlanta in 2002, where he hit the ground running. He entered in any hair show around the city to get his name out and around, and this is what sparked a fire in designing clothes. “I always had a specific look in mind and sometimes it was hard to get others to see that, so I decided to design clothes for myself”, stated by Jerome Allen. These passions are deeply rooted in Jerome since time of birth “they are a gift from God”, stated by Jerome Allen.


His works are to the left and fashion forward. Jerome uses his ideas as a way of relaying a message. Jerome takes every opportunity to encourage those around him to keep running for their dream because it’s only a reach away. No matter what the situation is in need for, this quick thinker is sure to have a concept on hand.


Jerome has been featured in many magazines. The list includes Style for life, Metro Styles Atlanta, Black Hair Sophisticates, and Hype Hair. Jerome is known as J-Rok in a Fantasy Hair competition on the Oxygen TV network is featured on the hit reality TV show “Hair Battle Spectacular”. Since the show Jerome has been a hair stylist on many TV and movie sets such , The Game , Hunger Games 3 &4 , Magic Mike , Vampire Dairies, The Have and Have nots, and more.They say that the vision is in the mind of the beholder then for Jerome the vision is always PERFECTION.

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